All you need to know about Lip Gloss

If you think lip glosses are out of fashion, then you are wrong.,Modern lip glosses offer great formula. They are not sticky anymore. Most of them have lightweight finishes and helps to hydrate and smooth your lips. You won’t get the feeling like a layer of glue-like before.,Different brands have different formulas, and everyone’s preference is different as well; if you are having trouble picking the right one for you. Then you are in the right place.,We are going to talk about how you can choose the right product according to your personality and how to apply it correctly. We will review some top products in the market as well.,How to Choose?,Before you go shopping a lip gloss, you need to know about some basics.,Lip gloss is mainly used to add some shine and color to your lips along with moisture. Some people love to use them because of the added flavors as well.,These are available both online, drugstores, department stores, etc. Before you pick, think about which features you want. Is it the color, the shine, the flavors, or all of them?,If you don’t want to wear lipstick underneath, you can pick a colored lip gloss. Colored glosses can be two types- full-colored or sheer with a hint of colors. Choose a color that is darker than your skin tone. If you are wearing heavy makeup or eyeshadow, avoid colored lip gloss. This can provide too much color. Pick clear glosses if you are going for classes.,Prices vary depending on the brands and formula. Many drugstore lip glosses are just as good as the high-end ones.,Lip gloss is available in many different packagings. They are available in tubes with a brush, in a roll, in small pots, or in a squeeze tube. You can choose according to your convenience.,There are glosses with SPF protection as well. Choose the one with SPF for day time use.,How to Apply?,It might look like a regular task. But a few minor things can make a big difference. Let’s have a look.,First of all, keep all the application tools in hand. Lip gloss is used to make your lips more vibrant and plump. But it’s easier to make a mistake while applying them. Keep facial tissue, lip liner, Lip moisturizer, Mirror, and cotton swabs nearby.,Before you start, do exfoliate your lips. It removes the dead layer of your lip’s skin and gives a fresh look. Never apply gloss on your rough, cracked, or chapped lips.,There are many good lip scrubs available in the market. You can make your own at home, as well. Use petroleum jelly or lip balm after you exploit.,Apply the gloss once you have finished your face makeup. Use lip pencil at the edge of your lips to make it look natural and blend it while you apply the gloss. If you want to apply lipstick underneath, use it now. Then apply your gloss.,The applicator can be a wand, roll-on tube, or sponge. Apply it starting from the middle of your bottom lip and spread it lightly toward the edges. Then press both lips together for spreading them evenly. You can use Q-tips or tissues to correct the mistakes.,Top 5 lipgloss of 2020,From You Tubers to beauty bloggers, everyone is talking about this product. This is one universal high shine lip gloss that looks flattering on all skin tones. It has a non-steak and moisturizing formula, full of shea butter and made without parabens. The applicator is easy to use, and the packaging is impressive. This is a cruelty-free brand.,The only thing is the price is high compares to other brands, and it has only three shades available.,If you are looking for a sheer gloss, then this one is perfect for you. Urban decay has so many options including sheer, shimmery, and pigmented high-shine finishes as well.,You can choose from 23 different options and all the shades are pretty. The formula is hydrated, healthy and gives a plumped look. It is long-wearing and comfortable at lips.,Are you looking for something that is both gorgeous and long-lasting? You guessed it right. This product of Marc Jacobs can meet your expectations.,This is a high-shine finish gloss and comes in both creamy and shimmery shades from nudes to cherry reds and deep berries.,This drugstore lip gloss offers both quality and fantastic color ranges. It is pigmented and gives sheer to medium coverage. You can choose among 24 shades, starting from nudes to bolds. The formula is hydrating and not sticky.,This product offers long-lasting moisture. It is made with natural ingredients like cucumber, chamomile, and glycerin. It also protects your lips from sunburn as it has spf20.,A gloss can make a considerable difference to your overall look. So give some time choosing the right color and mastering the applying techniques.,Hey, I am Sharon Faria. I am glad to welcome you to my profile. I am a freelance writer by profession. This article is about Drugstore Lip Gloss. If you want to learn more, visit this site:,

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