Best Steam Treated Botanical Powders Manufacturer and Suppliers

Ayurvedic treatment for every health-related problem is the thing everyone is searching for. It is becoming trending in every household to make their lifestyle healthier by consuming natural herbs. Various plants are out there which have extremely tremendous properties which can help with a maximum of health problems.  

The botanical powder is the basic form by which we can consume all the goods of herbs. Botanical powders are powdered forms of any herb. These are the main botanical ingredients that are being used in many pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and used as herbal traditional medicines. There are steps from which raw material goes through such as cleaning of parts of plants, separation of unwanted foreign material, oven drying, converting in powdered form, and then making powder bacteria and pathogen-free. For this steam, sterilization is the process from which end products go through. So in this article, we are going to know more about steam sterilization and sterilized botanical powder manufacturers and suppliers.

What is sterilization?

Sterilization is a process by which we can get rid of almost all microorganisms, fungi, spores, and pathogens. Generally, sterilization is done through processes such as heat, high pressure, cleaning chemicals, etc. on the basis of raw material, and the type of processed product sterilization process is chosen among all. 

Steam sterilization is one of the sterilization processes where the product is kept at a definite temperature, definite pressure for a specific time period. Steam sterilization is commonly used in health facilities although it has limited applications. The equipment used for steam sterilization is known as Autoclave.  

Significance of stem sterilization

Steam sterilization is the best way for killing microbes by destroying their cellular structure. The process has many advantages such as-

  • Simple sterilization process

  • Rapid process

  • Effective in several products

  • Safe and environment friendly

  • Less time consuming

  • Maintains product quality as such


About Steam sterilization of Botanical/herbal powders

Now we have understood much about sterilization and one of its types is steam sterilization. The second thing which is important to understand is why steam sterilization has an important role in making botanical powders. We know that the raw materials of botanical powder are roots, stems, and leaves of plants that grow in an open farm, then these plants are collected, cleaned, manually for further processing. The stems and leaves are cut down into small pieces and powdered with the help of a machine. In all of these steps, there is a high chance that microbes will contaminate the final manufactured herbal powder. Thus for killing all of the microbes we have to sterilize herbal powder.

 As we have mentioned that stem sterilization should be processed at a specific temperature that is 121 to 132 degrees Celsius, at specific pressure that is 1 atm (106 kPa) is recommended. The process runs for about 20-30 minutes. After that, we get our finish good. The steam sterilization process is best for botanical powder sterilization, as it is not involved with any other chemical reaction so maintains the product integrity. The process does not affect any bio-active component and composition of the botanical powder.   

Steam sterilizer (Autoclave) is the equipment used for the process. There are various types of autoclaves such as pressure cooker type, Vertical type, horizontal type, and common laboratory type in their several sizes and shapes. Specific can be used according to the quantity and type of product. Large industries commonly use big steam chambers for bulk production. 


Manufacturer and Supplier of steam-treated botanical powders

Most of the population is consuming natural herbs on a daily basis to make their lifestyle healthier. A number of industries are involved in the business of botanical powders, herbal extracts, and organic byproducts of plants. Attention needs to be paid from where we should get our product. There are various factors that can affect the final product in the overall supply chain. Therefore sanity and sterility of the product is a major check because bacteria can grow at any step if sterilization is not done properly. As we have understood, sterilization is a crucial process if any firm is involved in manufacturing botanical powder. There are several firms having their specific separate units for different manufacturing processes.  

There are various steam-sterilized botanical powder manufacturers and steam sterilized botanical powder suppliers. Jairamdass Khushiram is one of the leading industries among all. With the manufacturing of steam-sterilized herbal powders, the firm is also involved in supplying various herbal products. They supply the botanical powders in bulk throughout the country as well as in the international market. The firm is a well-recognized industry among all the industries. They have separated units for every step of production such as manufacturing, quality testing, and also have large sterilization chambers for sterilizing the final product in bulk so that nothing can interrupt the bulk orders for supplying it within a given time. That’s why the firm is leading among all the sterilized herbs manufacturers.

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