Hair Extensions for Your Wedding – Things You Must Know

Every bride-to-be desire to have stunning wedding-day hair. Whilst there are women who rock the short hair look on your D-day, a lot of women are getting hair extensions for that extra volume and length for their special day. Since hair cannot grow overnight, extensions are used as shortcuts to achieving a gorgeous, fuller look.,Extensions can easily create your desired look,A lot of would-be brides have a specific idea of how they want their hair to look on their wedding day. More often than not, their stylists tell them that the look they want can be achieved easily if they just had more hair. Sometimes, brides also face the problem of hair loss, early balding or rough hair and such hair problems make it difficult to achieve the look that they want. This is where Richy hair extensions come to the rescue.,Hair extensions are an instant fix. They can help a bride-to-be instant volume and length. Regardless of whether you want to wear your hair down or create a fuller-looking up-do, extensions can help you get your dream hair without much fuss.,Even if you have good hair, it never hurts to add more flair with extensions for your special day. After all, it is your day and it is crucial to look your best in the wedding photos so that you can keep looking at the pictures and reminisce about how perfect everything was.,How long before your wedding should you get extensions?,This depends on the type of hair extensions you want. For instance, if you already have good hair, but want to create a different look without more volume and length, you can opt for clip-in extensions. These extensions are temporary and can instantly help you achieve the desired results. For clip-ins, you only need a few hours before your wedding.,However, if you have short hair and want to sport beautiful hairstyles throughout your wedding celebrations, you can opt for tape hair extensions. Tape extensions are semi-permanent and it is recommended that you get them fitted at least a week or two before your wedding day. This is going to allow you to wash your extensions, become comfortable with them and plan the look that you want with your stylist.,Tape extensions are very comfortable and light. You can sleep with tape extensions and even swim without any discomfort. You can have the extensions fitted before your hen party and all the way through to your honeymoon. You can flaunt different looks for the different days without worrying about damaging your hair. Tape-ins last longer and they can also be re-attached multiple times.,What type of extensions are recommended?,The type of hair extensions that brides choose depends on what she wants. If you want something more permanent, tape-in extensions are the ideal choice. But, if you want something just temporary for your wedding day, clip-ins are a perfect solution.,Tape extensions are versatile and they can be fitted for different wedding celebrations like, the bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, wedding day and honeymoon. There is no need to remove the tape-ins, but they can be styled in various ways to achieve a brand new look.,But, if you do not want to commit to extensions, clip-in extensions are your best friend. They can be fitted instantly and can thicken your natural hair. Also, they can be easily removed at the end of the day.,Regardless of what type of extension you choose, it is important that you find a professional hair extensionist who uses only quality products. As a bride, you would want your hair to look absolutely perfect. Richy hair extensions come with high recommendations from professional stylists as these extensions are made from 100% virgin human hair. Richy extensions are available in various colours to suit one’s shade of natural hair.,Louise Bailey is the foremost hair extensionist in London. Her excellent work have been extensively featured on various renowned magazines like, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. Louise only makes use of the safest extension methods and trusts Richy hair extensions to help give her clients a gorgeous hair makeover.,

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