How To Avoid Microblading Training Scams

There is a growing number of microblading training these days thanks to the boom in popularity of this kind cosmetic procedure. However, just like everything else in this world, they all come with a price. This segment of the cosmetic industry has fallen prey to shady individuals and dubious training sessions. If you ask any well respected and notable trainers, they’re now providing more rudimentary courses than before to accommodate the distressed wanna-be artists who shelled out as much as $5,000 only to find that after the microblading training that the only thing they were left with is a fancy microblading kit without no real understanding of the basic fundamentals.,What’s more unfortunate is that there’s no law that regulates or monitors the grey area of these segment. There have been reports about incorrect handling of tools and equipment, problems with sanitation, and more.,Although it is more convenient and cheaper to go for a lesser known microblading training instructor, it is still best to choose an industry leader. Yes, you will have to pay more for the latter but your investment will surely be worth it.,No Location For The Microblading Training,Avoid trainers who don’t reveal the location of the microblading training until you pay the deposit. You have to ask the person or academy offering the course to include in writing where the training will take place.,Practicing On Live Models,If the microblading training course says that students will be working on live models, you should be careful especially if you are still not a certified artist. Your insurance won’t cover any liability problems in case the model files a suit for some reason. Even if you are covered, your insurance will unlikely cover a procedure that you are not yet certified to do. In case something goes horribly wrong like an allergic reaction, you’d end up having bigger problems with your insurance.,Written Agreement or Contract,Before paying any money for the training, you should always ask for a written agreement or contract first. Be sure that the academy is registered with the state and it has passed all of the requirements needed to be considered as sanctioned and legal. If there’s no contract or the if the academy doesn’t give out the location of the training, then you better run.,Don’t Be Fooled By Catchy Advertisements,Always remember that most people remain polite and follow what they’re asked to do especially in a group setting. Don’t be fooled by adverts that show a group of happy people. Who knows? These students may be smiling in the photo but in reality, they’re not satisfied with the training they got.,Disabled Comments On Ads Is Not A Good Sign,You should beware of ads with disabled comments. There may be a good reason why and most of the time, it’s because they don’t want unsatisfied former students from leaving bad reviews about their microblading training or from warning others to avoid them because of the scam they’re running.,Be Careful Of Good Reviews,In most cases, good reviews are difficult to fake. However, there exist companies that help businesses boost their business by leaving manufactured reviews for sites like Yelp, Google, and even Facebook. When checking the reviews, be sure to check the source and always be discerning.,Trust Your Instincts,Keep in mind that you worked hard for the money you paid for your microblading training. It’s only natural for you to make sure that it is a worthwhile investment. In case from the beginning you feel like something is wrong, then trust your gut. Do the legwork. Do as much research about the microblading training instructor or academy that you are considering. Don’t just rely on social media. If someone has had an awful reputation in this sector, they will most likely lay low for a while. But if you truly value your money, you should become creative in the method you use to find out more about the trainers and the academy in question.,We offer top premium quality concentrated pigments to obtain the most natural and stable permanent makeup effects. Visit our website at,

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