I take proper care of my mind and body.

I am aware the fantastic gift of my physical presence. I’m fortunate to discover existence through each breath.

I eat correctly, i enjoy uncover new food encounters. I learn ways of prepare tasty meals and share these others.

My figure is effective, flexible, and agile. I treat my figure just like a temple. I buy plenty of fluids to stay hydrated and relax and consciously to oxygenate my tissues.

I communicate with buddies or family people. I take part in spiritual rituals which reduced the problem to return energy and keep focused.

I am aware the strength of positive thinking. I focus on the happy remembrances of my existence. I focus on the positives. Personally inside the healing forces inside the mind. I visualize myself feeling great and vibrant. I picture myself as energetic, healthy, and happy.

I am diligent and switch connected to the reason for my existence. Personally the purpose of existence ought to be to grow spiritually and uncover meaning around. I seek new options to develop my understanding.

I take regular vacations and let myself to unwind and relax.

Additionally to wholesome my figure, I additionally nurture my ideas. I study psychology, philosophy, religion, science, and spirituality. I invest time and effort into learning. I pray daily.

Today, Thx for the strength of my mind and body. I truly take action to ensure that they are in great shape.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1.What am i held held grateful for?

2.Just what are my ideas about my health?

3.Which action may i take how you can improve my health, physical, mental or spiritual parts of myself?

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