Is water bloating a real thing?

Everybody complains about feeling puffy or appearing a bit more bloated. One friend will always rush to tell them the truth. To find out if they were actually correct (or just being kind), I did some research to discover if water bloating was a real phenomenon or a myth.,Is water bloating a fact or fiction?,It is true. It happens for many reasons, so don’t be discouraged. It is not a negative thing.,Let’s begin by looking at the facts about water and our bodies. Water is found in our capillaries and bones, as well as fats, and muscles. Bloating can occur when water is trapped in our cells as it travels through our bodies.,Capillary walls that are “too loose” can cause liquids to “be released into spaces between cells”. This causes water to get trapped in tissue and not return to the capillaries. Bloating can then occur.,Water bloating can happen in many other ways.,Water retention can occur due to other factors than “leaky capillaries”. These include changes in blood pressure, water flow, and lymphatic system.,External factors can also cause water bloating. You can also cause water bloating by being physically inactive. This could affect how fast your blood flows through your body. This could cause water bloating and other health problems.,Causes of a Bloated Stomach,Bloating can be confused with weight gain, water retention, or feeling full. These conditions do not mean that you feel bloated. What is bloating, you ask? According to the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFM), bloating is when the stomach is full of gas or air.,Bloating can be exacerbated by certain medical conditions like IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). The Cleveland Clinic experts consider that underlying conditions such as Crohn’s disease and colon cancer can cause bloating. A distended stomach can also be caused by menstruation.,Bloating can also be caused by certain eating and drinking habits. These habits can either lead to gas or encourage air into the stomach. Bloating can be caused by eating foods that cause gas or drinking through straws. These habits allow for the stomach to become fuller.,How can you tell if your body is retaining water?,-These are the most common signs that you have retaining water:,-Consistently, you’re bloated,-Unexplained weight gain in a short time,-Your feet and hands are swelling – is your ring no longer suitable for you?,What can I do to stop water bloating from happening?,Yes, there are many. Even if you only do a little bit of exercise, regular exercise can prevent you from water bloating. You can also reduce salt intake, lose weight, avoid extreme temperatures, and raise your legs to increase circulation to help prevent water bloating.,Your chances of retaining water are not just dependent on how much sodium you consume, but also on how many carbs you consume. Juice cleanses are a bad idea. These cleansers may seem like the latest miracle diet, but they can be harmful to your lymph system and prevent you from getting enough protein.,Prevent a Bloated Stomach,Certain medical conditions may make you more likely to bloat, but water bloat can be managed and even prevented. There are some things you can do to avoid it.,-Avoid sparkling water, as the bubbles in it can cause your GI tract to fill with air.,-Drink water only through a straw. This allows for more air to reach the stomach.,-Instead of chugging water, sip.,-Instead of drinking too much water at once, spread your water intake over the day.,-Water is essential for your body to function. Don’t reduce your water intake to avoid bloating. It will go away, even if you feel water bloat.,Water bloating does not equal fat. It is possible to avoid it, even though it is more common in women than it is in men. Relax if you’re committed to eating a healthy diet, and making exercise a regular part of your daily routine. Water bloating may not be an issue for your body.

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