Just how To Preserve A Brazilian Deep Wave Hair

Are you tired of your boring, unchanging hairstyle? Do you want to add some length and volume to your locks? If your answer is yes, a deep Brazilian wave will be a practical option.,Your Brazilian hair will last you 1 or 2 years, depending on how well you take care of it. You can bleach and color your fabric in almost any color, but it’s best to go to a professional stylist to bleach or color your hair properly.,The hair weave is sewn or tied to a cap or the wearer’s natural hair. It cannot be removed and replaced too often because the process takes time, so special care must be taken to maintain it.,Deep Brazilian Weave,Allow the reinforcement to stabilize for at least two weeks after installation, which may cause it to fall into the model. During this time, avoid getting your hair wet and do not apply styling products.,Brush the weft to clean out any oil or residue build-up. Hold the weft and brush from the ends to the base with a regular, controlled motion. Continue until you have brushed the entire weft.,Deep weft,Clean the weft at least once a week with fresh water and a nourishing Brazilian hair shampoo. Allow the hair cleanser to pass through the base of the weft to ensure that the scalp is clean.,Rinse the shampoo thoroughly and follow with a conditioning cream, also suitable for curly hair.,Dry the hair with a low temperature hair dryer. If you want to add other styling products, make sure they do not contain alcohol or other harmful components for your hair.,Human hair weave,Over time, the curls will loosen a little, keep the curls in the weft using a medium heat curler. If the weave is wider than the curls, fix the hair with a set of plastic curls.,In most cases, wigs made of natural human hair require maintenance.,Since human hair has not been chemically processed, it can maintain good style for a long time. We do not recommend straightening the hair, as this can cause a frizzy appearance.,Cotton pillows and sheets can ruin the natural sheen of your weave, so you can wrap the fabric in a silk scarf before going to bed, or you can use a silk pillow to avoid hair everywhere.,And you can also use the wrap during exercise or outdoor work.,Babylon Hair Do is a professional supplier in the human hair field who is capable of researching, designing, producing and selling hair beauty products.,As one of the world leading human hair suppliers, Babylon Hair Do is now in possession of its own research center, design department, deposit and shipment department both at home and abroad.Babylon Hair Do,

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