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If you are looking for world-class health care in the United Arab Emirates, or a list of hospitals in Abu Dhabi that will show you the best hospital in Abu Dhabi, you do not need to look any further. The NMC group of hospitals and clinics in Abu Dhabi as well as other Emirates are staffed by a fine team of medical professionals who are dedicated to their patients and committed to excellence. This is the exact reason why NMC hospitals have been making waves in the medical industry as one of the top healthcare providers in the Emirates and also on a global level. 

The NMC group of hospitals and medical clinics in Abu Dhabi, among other Emirates, are recognized worldwide for their expertise in the medical industry as well as the envious team of medical experts they have put together. With close to five decades of experience in the medical business in the United Arab Emirates, NMC is easily one of the top healthcare providers in the UAE, with the latest in technology to aid the team of doctors working hard to provide the best medical care to the patrons of NMC.

This is completely thanks to the dedicated medical professionals at NMC who offer personalized care and consulting services for patrons in addition to a sincere commitment to the well-being of each of its patients. NMC has also made some strategic acquisitions, which coupled with its legacy institutions have allowed NMC to meet all the needs of a comprehensive healthcare delivery system for the requirements of patients in acute, chronic care and long term care.

The core team at the NMC group of hospitals stand strongly by the three principles they hold close to their hearts while executing their duties: care, compassion, and community, and it these these values that have secured NMC a special place in the heart of every patient to walk through the corridors of the immaculately kept hospitals and clinics under the NMC banner. The medical professionals at NMC exercise the utmost care in every patient interaction that they make and have been trained to be part of a compassionate community in which each member looks out for the well-being of the other. 

The NMC team of experts crossed the 1200 mark for doctors, 12000 mark for paramedical and support staff, and the 120 mark for the number of well-kept medical healthcare facilities that include but are not limited to hospitals, clinics, medical centres, day surgery centres, long term care facilities, fertility clinics, and home health services. In addition to exceptional medical services, the NMC group of hospitals also offers palliative care and helps their patients with something more important than diagnosis and medicines: kindness. In fact, the services provided by NMC have been acclaimed internationally as some of the best in the medical industry.

It has also been documented that every year, a staggering 8.5 million patient interactions take place at the NMC group of hospitals, which are located strategically across the United Arab Emirates. The medical experts at NMC have enforced a continuous learning system that helps them keep up with the most recent developments in the medical field to benefit the millions who place their health in NMC’s care.

Thanks to the passionate and dedicated doctors of NMC healthcare, the world is a better place for all of us. So, stop scrolling endlessly through the list of clinics in Abu Dhabi that Google offers and come be a part of international standards of health care by reaching out to one of our representatives at NMC healthcare without further ado. 

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