Tantric Massage Preparation and Techniques

Living in a modern, large city like London has its perks and its downsides. Some of the downsides include too much pressure, tension, stress and exhaustion. There is always so much happening that people hardly find time to relax. If this is the case with you, you can consider getting a tantra massage in London. This rubdown treatment has been around for centuries and it is known for its out-of-body experience. This is a full body massage therapy where the masseuse massages every inch of the recipient’s body. Even the erogenous zones like, the genitals are not spared from the soft, gentle touch of the therapist.,Below given are a few steps that most tantric therapists take to prepare for a tantra massage.,Make the room smell great,Regardless of whether you are getting the tantric massage in the incall apartment of your chosen therapist or in your private residence, the masseuse will take steps to make the room smell amazing. A tantric rubdown experience has a lot to do with the ambience, and therefore, how the room smells play an important role in alleviating the experience.,Dimming the lights and playing music,As aforementioned, the environment and ambience set the stage for a fabulous tantric massage experience. For this, the therapist makes the effort to dim the lights and play soothing music. This way, the environment itself plays a role in setting the mood for the massage. Such a romantic setting helps the recipient in feeling comfortable.,Prepare the massage table,Once the environment and mood are ready, the next step is to prepare the place where the massage will be given. It might be a bed or you might request the therapist to get a foldable massage bed.,Now that the preparation for giving tantra massage in London is complete, the next step for you to know is the techniques that therapists typically use. Take a look below.,Back massage,A tantric massage starts with a back massage where the therapist applies light to hard pressure. She starts from the lower back and takes her hands near the bottoms and down to the legs. Then, she slowly goes all the way up to the shoulders and massages the neck and circles behind the neck area.,Kneading,Kneading is a very sexy and therapeutic technique that therapists use. This is similar to kneading a dough where the therapist finds the fleshy parts of the body. She begins to put pressure whilst kneading. You can find her pressing your thighs and bottoms. When she kneads the bottoms, you might find tingling sensations running through your entire body.,Side massage,The sides of your stomach are erogenous areas zones that need attention. The therapist will slowly take her hands and use her fingers to excite your body. As she takes her fingers up and down the sides, you are sure to get goosebumps.,Genital rub,This is where tantric massage gets exciting and different from other traditional massages. The therapist will ask you to turn around and she will begin to slowly massage your chest and then, take her hands all the way down, near your inner thighs. She will lightly massage your inner thighs and whilst she is doing that, the back of her hands will be brushing against your phallus and balls. The light strokes in that region will make your phallus excited and you can feel it throbbing. The therapist will not leave you wanting, but tease and ensure that you are able to experience an explosive release.,So, this is what goes on when you book a tantric massage session. If you are interested, you need to look for an agency and find a professional massage therapist. It is important that you allow only a professional to touch your body in an erotic manner if you wish to experience the power of tantric therapy. You can call the therapist to your home or visit her in her incall apartment.,London Tantric Massage is revered as the best place to enjoy and experience tantra massage in London. Their team consists of sultry massage therapists who have the expertise and experience in performing authentic tantric rubdown.,

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