The Best Hair Transplant Treatment for African American Hairs

If you are suffering from hair loss, then a hair transplant is optimal. However, you might think that it is probably a wastage of money to consider an African American hair transplant. But, here, you are wrong and have incomplete knowledge. Many people believe that treating curly and thick hair is a daunting procedure for hair restoration. But, the hair transplant technique has grown to an optimal level that has solutions for every obstacle.

Is thick hair transplant complex?

If you have curly hairs, this question will strike your mind. But, it is obvious to consider this query for genuine reason. Transplanting such hairs is challenging because, as an African American, your hairs would have low density and a slow growth rate. But surprisingly, these hairs look thick because of their curly appearance. But the actual follicles of these hairs are thin and give a dense look. Due to curls, it might be difficult to extract follicles from the donor site without damaging the roots.

How to overcome from African American hair transplant challenge?

The restoration of thick and curly hair is challenging but not impossible. You can get the restoration done by finding an experienced surgeon to attain positive results. The expert will analyze your hair and pick the best technique to accomplish the job. However, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) are two modern hair restoration methods. But, extraction of follicles with curly hairs is challenging. So, FUE is the best technique to consider for extracting follicles in the group of 1-4 follicles. It is a preferred method to pull out follicles carefully using a punch without damaging the roots. However, FUT can also be a good option but would leave a scar on the back of the head. Usually, African American hairs are short, so the possibility of scar visibility is greater. But, with FUE, you will have little scars that could hide under the hairs easily.

Benefits of FUE for thick hair transplant


The procedure is less-invasive as you will have to undergo minimal scarring. It would not show visibly on your head, unlike a long scar.


Apart from the ethnic group, an FUE hair transplant can give you natural-looking results. You can keep the short hairstyle to get your original personality back and restore confidence.

Faster recovery

Recovery with this African American hair transplant procedure is faster than other treatments. You will return to your routine activities as the side effects are minimal.

To sum up

It is not deniable that there are challenges with thick hair transplants. FUE is the preferred technique to tackle the challenges of African American hair restorations. It can deliver good results with individual extraction of follicles without damaging them. So, you can schedule an appointment for a smart hair transplant to get your lost hair back. But, when it comes to achieving superior results, you must consult a pro hair surgeon.

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