Vitamin C Serum

As one of the easiest to acquire, vitamin C has a lot of beneficiary functions on human health. Studies have shown it does tons of good to the skin and is an ideal supplement for dermatological care.,Though many people do not know this, its antioxidant property makes it a great choice for skincare. And its collagen synthesis capacity puts it at the top of major cosmetic ingredients.,Here, you will learn about the benefits of the greatly overlooked ascorbic acid. You will also understand why vitamin C serum is a great addition to your beauty plan.,Benefits of Vitamin C,Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is a normal constituent of the human skin and is found in varying quantities in the dermis and epidermis. However, it is advised to have a bit of it in our daily skincare every now and then. The reason is that ascorbic acid is an amazing wonder compound with impressive qualities. A few of these are mentioned below;,Amazing Hyrdation,Vitamin C contains magnesium ascorbyl phosphate. This compound is well known to possess impressive hyrdating properties. It helps the skin stay moisturized by reducing transepidermal water loss. Therefore, using a vitamin C serum ensures your skin stays hydrated for long periods of time.,Safe for Skin Care,As a natural occurent in the skin, vitamin C is a safe substance for protecting and maintaining skin. Adding a vitamin C serum to your daily cosmetic routine helps maximize skin quality. And its safe nature allows you to use the serum for long periods.,Natural Skin Toner,As a purely natural substance with brightening capacity, vitamin C acts as a skin improvement substance. Its pigmentation fading quality makes it perfect for building towards smooth, blemish-free skin without any adverse side effects.,Regular application of a vitamin C serum allows you to give your skin the glow it deserves.,Hyperpigmentation Cure,The brightening property of Vitamin C gives it the perfect edge for smoothing out dullness and redness on the skin. This, in addition also allows it to tackle under-eye circles, sun spots, age spots, melasma, and many other inflammatory skin conditions.,Collagen Builder,Collagen is a body protein that occurs naturally in the skin. With time and age, it depletes gradually. The result is sagging skin and wrinkles. However, applying vitamin C serum can help you tackle the aging process. It does this by tightening the skin, preventing sagging and improving skin firmness.,Protection from Sun,The rich antioxidant properties in vitamin C allow it to give protection to healthy skin cells. As free radicals are destructive to skin cells, a vitamin C serum can come in handy. This allows the skin to withstand sunburns, and accelerate cell turnover to promote skin healing.,How to Use Vitamin C Serum,Vitamin C serum is usually applied twice daily. The general directions include cleanse, tone, apply serum and moisturize.,However, as is customary to every cosmetic product, it is advised to do a skin test before general application. This way, one can be sure of any reactions, side effects or allergies, though irritation is unlikely.,Vitamin C serum helps prevent skin aging, moisturizes and protects from UV rays. The best way to get results is from consistent use and follows instructions on the product package. It is also best to figure out an application routine that suits your lifestyle.,,

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