What Procedures Can a Dental Clinic Perform?

Many Americans today enjoy excellent oral health and are keeping their natural teeth throughout their lives. But this is not the case for everyone. Cavities are still the most prevalent chronic disease of childhood. Too many people mistakenly believe that they need to see a dentist only if they are in pain or think something is wrong, but they’re missing the bigger picture. A dental visit means being examined by a doctor of oral health capable of diagnosing and treating conditions that can range from routine to extremely complex.

Dental Clinic Vs Dentists’ Office 

dental clinic is technically any place where dental services are rendered. Dental clinics tend to be less expensive than visiting the dentist, and they offer other benefits too.

What makes a clinic different than a dentist’s office?

Dental clinics focus on patient education to prevent disease and provide treatment options for the same procedures offered in general and (some) specialty practices. A clinic houses all dental equipment and tools in one place and is staffed by dentists, dental specialists, dental assistants, and dental hygienists. Low-cost or free treatments are often performed.

What Procedures Can a Dental Clinic Perform?

Although dental clinics vary, they tend to offer a great deal to the people they serve. In addition to general hygiene, clinics may also handle:

·         root canal treatment

·         gingivitis treatment

·         artificial teeth

·         dental implants

·         teeth braces

·         teeth whitening

·         teeth bleaching

·         teeth scaling

·         teeth cleaning

·         apicoectomy

·         teeth crown

·         dental bridge

·         pulpotomies

·         pulpectomies

·         Dental filling (composite filling and laser tooth filling)

·         Wisdom tooth extraction and complete dentures.

Our patients come in wanting that perfect smile. But in some cases wisdom teeth haven’t grown in correctly and are creating problems. Common problems with wisdom teeth occur when there is little to no space in the jaw for the teeth to grow. It is also possible for wisdom teeth to grow in sideways or only partly emerge, leaving space for bacteria to become trapped in the gum, and bone. In these case, wisdom tooth extraction is strongly advised in order to prevent further problems.

Based on the best dentist in Peshawar recommendations, wisdom teeth extraction may be a solution to having a healthy mouth. Some patients ask if there is pain associated with wisdom teeth extraction. In some cases anesthetics will be used to reduce or eliminate pain. Any pain associated with wisdom teeth extraction outweighs the concerns of not extracting the teeth.

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