Which is the best charity hospital in Gujarat?

The Jhulelal Hospital in Gujarat is a charitable hospital that was founded by the Jameel Poverty Action Lab.

The hospital has helped over 5000 patients, each of whom are often unable to afford medical care. The doctors at the hospital are not paid for their work, but instead rely on donations from around the world to fund their work.

Jhulelal Hospitals is a charity hospital in Gujarat, India. It was started in 1877 by a Hindu trader, Seth Jeejeebhoy, and a Parsi doctor, Eduljee Dinshaw. The hospital was built on donated land and financed by donations from the public.

The hospital has grown over the years to cater to more than 1.7 million people in Gujarat. It also has outreach programs for disadvantaged communities in other parts of India and Nepal.

The Jhulelal Hospital is a charity hospital in Gujarat. It is independently funded by donors, charities and foundations. The hospital provides subsidized healthcare to the poorest of the poor.

This hospital was founded in 1977 by Dr. Naresh Jhaveri, who donated Rs 1 crore of his own money to establish the facility for the common people of Gujarat, who could not afford to go to hospitals like Surat Medical Trust or Sardar Patel Hospital.

Today, it offers care for up to 450 patients per day; it has 6 wards with 200 beds; 5 specialized clinics; 15 doctors; 10 nurses; and 3 medicos on call round-the-clock.


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