Whitney Way Thore Asks Ex Lennie Why He Believe It Is Okay to ‘Climb into My Bed Once I Was Fully Nude’

Whitney Way Thore’s relationship along with her ex-boyfriend Lennie will get just a little tricky after hiring him to accomplish production use her company.

In PEOPLE’s exclusive sneak appearance of Tuesday’s episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Existence, the 38-year-old is caught suddenly when Lennie wakes her up by climbing into bed along with her to ask about videos-related question about her workout program and application, No BS Active.

Although Thore is surprised a preliminary, she leans to the situation by asking Lennie to scratch her back while she’s naked – and the man dutifully complies.

Later inside the episode, the two consider maintaining limitations.

“The most effective to know the reasons you felt it appropriate to climb into my bed once i was fully nude,” Thore asks in the confessional before Lennie responds, “Well, I didn’t think it absolutely was a problem…I mean, achieved it lead you to uncomfortable?”

Thore adds they wasn’t uncomfortable but observed that others will discover the issue strange.

“I’m like we must discuss what our working relationship is really because I am not merely one lady,” she states.

Whitney Way Thore Confirms That She’s Still Dating Her French Boyfriend: ‘Correct!’

Whitney Way Thore – TLC


Whitney Way Thore Juggles Relationship with French Boyfriend While Coping with Ex Lennie

Thore is presently in the extended-distance relationship along with her French boyfriend, that the situation is still going strong after many several days together. The happy couple began dating a year ago after meeting through online language tutoring.

Her boyfriend – who requested to remain anonymous and is not proven positioned on Thore’s TLC show or her Instagram – resides in Paris, and he or she and her buddies simply reference him since the “Frenchman.”

Inside the clip, things get a lot more awkward when Thore’s father walks to the room and sees the reality star and Lennie in their bed together.

“There’s nothing to concern yourself with,” Lennie states inside the confessional in what happened. “I’m speaking for you personally about work stuff – and you just been naked.”

New cases of My Big Fat Fabulous Existence air on Tuesdays at 10 pm ET/PT on TLC and you’ll be on discovery within 24 hrs.

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