Why Adoption of Digital Pathology Is Still Struggling

Digital Pathology or whole slide imaging is the process of generating high-resolution images of tissue sections prepared on pathology glass slides. These tissue images then can be viewed on any electronic device such as — computer monitors, laptops, or even mobile devices. The produced digital images can be stored securely on servers, local networks, or even cloud servers. This entire system allows pathologists to work remotely, consult for a second opinion, and for remote or classroom learning.

Globally we are witnessing a decline in the number of pathologists, however, the cases are on rising. This gap will eventually impact patient care. Scaling up digital pathology is crucial and a necessity to resolve this concern. Furthermore, it assists in improving efficiency, eliminates the need to physically ship the slides and store the glass slides.

While digital pathology is proving to be a boon for pathologists why is the adoption rate still so low?

The high cost and complexity of processes to deploy pathology services are commonly cited as one of the bottlenecks in the implementation of the solution. Especially, in developing countries, the high cost associated with purchasing the scanner makes it impossible to deploy digital pathology solutions.

OptraSCAN® is eliminating the barriers to adopting digital pathology no matter the size of the pathology lab, the lab’s throughput, or location. The affordable and easy-to-implement solutions maximize return on investment.

OptraSCAN digital pathology solutions is a perfect tool for transitioning from conventional microscopy to digital pathology for effective acquisition of whole slide images, viewing, storing, archiving, real time-sharing, and reporting via various pricing models.

These scanners have a small footprint, low and high-throughput scanners are lightweight, and easily fit into small workspaces.

OptraSCAN is improving patient outcomes with its intelligent solutions and transforming conventional pathology practices.

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OptraSCAN® whole slide scanners are CE marked for IVD use.
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